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Why us?


The innovation is encoded in our DNA.


Quality, reliability and deadlines are our daily reality.


Professionalism, accuracy and a development is our rudder for the future.


SOLVETECH ENGINEERING company follows up on the experiences in the area of engineering of rail vehicles, plastic parts, robotic units and tool engineerings.
In the first years of functioning we have deepened these knowledges and evloved foreign cooperations in the field of biomechanics- the construction of limb prosthesis and external fixators.
We also extend our services in the area of mechanical analyses, tools construcion for the plastic products production and experiences with complex surface model modelling.


We keep to exted our team in the field of engineering in the licensed softwatre – CATIA, mechanical analyses in Femap program by Siemens are enriched with a domain of advanced calculations of durability and dynamcal analyses, we purchase first 3D printers. Our aim is still connect all our activities to the homogeneous unit, which integrates all our actions.
We also develop important projects in the field of biomechanics and we také part in a development and a engineering of aircraft components


We extend our cooperiation with leading aircraft producers and cars. We continue in our partnership with developmental teams in the area of transportation and biomechanics.
We implement a virtual reality into the developmental process. All in all we create a modern mechanical engineering office of 21st Century