The areas of development


In the field of biomechanical engineering we can offer a complex interconnection our services. From a conceptual desing through an development of a product with use of CAE simulations, a 3D print of prototypes, a realistic examination up to a construction of a final product, a preparation for serial production, a form construction  or an industial automatization- all of that for a complex solution. 

We develope products in cooperation with doctors, ortopedists, elektro-engineers, academics, designers and biomedical engineers too.


In the area of plastics development we focus on a engineering of  interior and exterior parts of rail and agriculture industry. One of our domain is a development of plastic products for biomechanical engineering. We evolve a service in the CAE analysis of pastic injection.

FEA/CAE analysis

To get with our customers demands, a safety, satisfactory durability or to fulfill requirements we utilize calculations and simulations for toughness, compactness, durability of a constructions dynamic performance in a field of automotive, transportation or industrialization.
Except of linear and non- linear analysis we can offer to you a testing experimental methods development and facilities designet to this purpose.

3D print

Within widening a complexity of our services we use 3D print (SLA, FMD method). We offer a print of vulcanized rubber or matherials containing carbonic fibers. 


In the field of industralization we focus pimarily on engineering of automatized workplaces, especially the welding ones. We have an amout of realized projects in the area of robotic units engineering, single-purpose machines as well as complex robotic worklplaces.

Aeroplanes, rail vehicles, agricultural machines

We offer our experiences in the area of development and engineering of aeroplanes parts, rail vehicles and agricultural machines- all of that with possibility of of FEM analysis, 3D print of prototypes and examination / testing of these prototypes.